Life’s little changes are inevitable, whether they’re actually little or so big they block everything on the horizon. Knowing how some of those changes can affect your taxes will help you prepare for them in advance. Getting married or divorced, although a huge life event, is an easy one tax wise. Two people = a… Read More

The 1099-MISC is one of the most misunderstood forms on a tax return. The 1099-MISC, like the W-2, reports money that you were paid for employment. (I’m talking about the type of income where you had a J.O.B., not retirement, pensions, dividends, interest, or capital gains) The W-2 is pretty straight forward. It reports your… Read More

Choosing a tax preparer is a very important task. Lots of people feel comfortable with online software or chain tax prep stores. Others choose a tax prep service or person via Thumbtack, Facebook, the recommendation of friends, or some other method. Whatever method you choose, be sure the person, software, or company is up to… Read More

Before you head out on a beginning of the year shopping spree, let’s figure out if your new clothes are going to be deductible. Uniforms and work clothes are deductible if: The taxpayer must wear them as a condition of employment, AND The clothes are not suitable for everyday wear. (that AND is very important)… Read More

It’s a mere 16 days until we bid 2016 good-bye and move on to 2017. It’s a good time to think back over your financial year and see if there’s anything you need to purchase before the year’s end. While you’re at it, think about any charitable donations you’d like to make. Donations made to… Read More