The 2018 filing season kicked off on January 29, 2018. Before all is said and done, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) anticipates processing nearly 155 million individual taxpayer returns. That’s a lot of taxpayers – and a lot of taxpayer questions. Below is a mix of fiction – myths that the IRS hopes to rebut… Read More

Millions of taxpayers expect to be ready on January 29 when tax season opens, but will the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) be ready? In anticipation of a federal government shutdown, the IRS released its contingency plan for the filing season because, yes, tax season will go on even during a shutdown. The agency said it does… Read More

The following is our client  letter for the tax year 2017. It contains useful information and suggestions to help you get ready for tax time. Don’t forget to schedule your appointment now!   Dear Client, Once again, the New Year is behind us and tax time is coming. We will continue making our free tax… Read More

The new tax reform act is within reach of President Trump’s pen. Questions are swirling and Americans want to know what it means for them. I’ve borrowed the following information from Kelly Phillips Erb from Forbes. It’s a very clear description of what will happen to a great many of your former deductions. (unless you… Read More

Rumors have been swirling about the upcoming Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation. We’ve seen the house and the senate proposals. What’s left? The two sides of the legislature have to come to an agreement on the bill in order to present it to the president. The following is an update on how things are… Read More

The United States has experienced a number of disasters this year that have taken homes, businesses, and vehicles. Hurricanes, storms, and wild fires have cost a number of people their homes and businesses. Here’s how you can help yourself rebuild the documents necessary for your tax return. Get Transcripts Taxpayers can get free tax return… Read More

There are a few phrases that that make most of us cringe. “My mother is coming” has been known to strike fear in the hearts of stalwart men and women, but not as much as “we are being audited”.  While we can’t help you with the first, there are ways to help most US citizens… Read More

The difference between an innocent spouse and an injured spouse can be confusing for taxpayers. A simple way to think of the difference is this: most times the innocent spouse is no longer married and the injured spouse is married. When you file a joint income tax return, the law holds you and your spouse… Read More

Do you end up paying the IRS each April? Do you get a 1099MISC or work for yourself? If so, making estimated payments may end up saving you money in the long run. You may make estimated tax payments to pay tax on income that isn’t subject to withholding (such as income from self-employment, the… Read More

A surprising number of people (who file a Schedule C for self-employment, or receive a 1099 MISC from their employer) hesitate to take deductions because they’re heard it will trigger an audit. No one, including tax firms, wants an audit. Here are some of the most common myths and the truths about them. #1 As… Read More