If you’re one of the many people who filed an extension on your business or personal tax return, it’s time to take a good look at the calendar. August brings lots of events, school starts, people sneak in last minute vacations, and we all try to escape the heat. But August also begins the countdown to the September filing deadline for business returns that have been on extension. September 15th is the deadline for business returns. The tax return has to be signed, sealed, and delivered to the IRS by that date. If you haven’t made an appointment with your tax professional, it’s time. As always, be sure to go to someone you trust.

If you normally file a personal return, and filed for an extension, your date is October 15th. It’s a month later than the date for the business folks, but never the less, once fall activities ramp up, it’s easy to let those days slide by. Get your documents in order, make an appointment with your tax professional, and keep an eye on the calendar. You don’t want to let October 15th go by without having your return safely submitted to the IRS.

As we go through these dog days of August spend a few minutes thinking about next spring and your 2017 taxes. With almost five months left in the year, you still have time to take a look at how you’re keeping up with your documents and info and make any changes you need. If you haven’t been documenting events pertaining to your tax return, it’s not too late to start. It’s easier to remember the beginning of this year right now than next spring when it’s crunch time.

As always, document, document, and document. Choose your tax prep person/form wisely. And lastly, enjoy these last weeks of summer.